Distinguished from the more famous Senioritis in this way:

- Junioritis gets work done
- Senioritis does not get work done

Often, people will define Junioritis as Senioritis, but just in Junior year. This is a false definition because, really, they are two very different things.

A symptom of Junioritis is discovering your optimal bullshit level. Throughout your freshman and sophomore years, you have experimented by trial and error how much bullshit you can actually get by. Now that you are a Junior, the bullshit level is just right, like Goldilocks finding Baby Bear's soup. On the other hand, Senioritis rejects the idea of tactical bullshitting and forgoes expending effort as a whole.

Another possibly related symptom of Junioritis is finding out how much you can get done in a short amount of time. If we were to compare a productivity/time graph of a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior, we will notice that as

student -> senior

productivity begins to concentrate closer and closer towards the due date. In essence, the Junior knows how to be a productivity machine, but only after procrastination (prerequisite).

At student=senior, productivity does not exist.
100 math questions assigned Tuesday, due next Monday.

Freshman: Steady pace of 20 math questions per day.
Sophomore: Done on weekend, mostly Sunday.
Junior: Done on Sunday night/Monday morning. (Infected with Junioritis)
Senior: Meh. (Infected with Senioritis)
by raiseyourweapon March 6, 2013
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Junioritis is when a student in their third year of high school suffers the effects of work overload, (Can become more severe when an individual mixes AP and Honors classes with a part-time job), and a lack of recreational time with acquaintances and friends. Usually results in only looking forward to sleeping, if only for 4-5 hours per night due to studies, frequent mental meltdowns, and crankiness towards all individuals in the students life. Symptoms usually begin around October, and continue until Mid-Late June when the shock of the realization that Junior year is finally over subsides.
"I have to write my 10-page research paper, but I am super-suffering from Junioritis and feel like my brain has become mental soup and will leak out of my ears"

After many medical tests, the doctor diagnosed the 17 year old boy, who's brain was no longer able to function due to excessive use, with Junioritis.

After explaining her plight of having too many end of the year projects to her AP history teacher, the teacher showed no sympathy to the student suffering from Junioritis and said "Well, I hear Senior year is fun."
by exhausted_junior May 30, 2009
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The condition of being so fed up with Junior year work (eg. AP/Honors courses work, SATs, IBs, SAT IIs, ACTs) that a person experiences mental breakdowns, frustration, and bouts of "DGAF"-ing. The state of being unable to concentrate shortly follows.

The condition of being so unable to focus, that Junior updates definitions of "Junioritis" on Urban Dictionary, rather than do their work.
My severe case of Junioritis is the reason I am on Urban Dictionary right now.
by Nate Peete January 30, 2010
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later know as Senioritis. Usually worse since senioritis is almost over but knowing you have another year but seniors have graduation in sight. Effects 99 percent of juniors taking difficult classes and extra curricular activities while trying to keep their grades up for scholarships and acceptence for college. They have experienced the life of a highschool teen, resulting in, now wanting to live the college life.

Only known cure: graduation, dropping out
Junioritis is so much worse then senioritis
by gracieliz May 7, 2010
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An infection of the brain exclusively found in high school students in their third year. Symptoms include but are not limited to laziness, procrastination, demotivation to do homework, and taking on rigorous course loads without wanting to do the resulting work. Most infected students manage to avoid temptation to fail classes. Believed to be caused by taking too many AP/college/honors classes. There is no known cure, but treatments include snow days, long weekends, electives, study halls, "study" groups (a.k.a. doing five minutes of homework before playing Halo), and chemistry teachers conducting dangerous experiments that go haywire.
Not to be confused with senioritis.
The AP student, having junioritis, defined junioritis on Urban Dictionary to procrastinate on homework.
by Orlandomagicfan November 6, 2013
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A terminal strain of Senioritis that is obtained by excessive laziness and contact with infected seniors. Junioritis tends to attack young people around the age of 17 or at the end of there 3rd year of high school. This tragic disease affects a person’s ability to obtain any form of motivation used to achieve tasks specifically related to public high schools; it also affects a person’s ability to judge long spans of time, often giving the infected individual a false sense of hope and relaxation. In its later stages this disease can lead to failing of classes, summer school and in some extreme cases failure to graduate, coma, and death. Some medications for this illness include Ritalin, caffeine, and excessive strikes to the individuals face and groin.
"Ben has Junioritis!"
"Quick, slap him in the face!"
by Suprben May 14, 2009
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The state of having no free time due to excessive amounts of work.
Each year, 11th graders at William G Enloe High suffer from extreme junioritis, which often makes the students unable to sleep
by squab July 31, 2006
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