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Distinguished from the more famous Senioritis in this way:

- Junioritis gets work done
- Senioritis does not get work done

Often, people will define Junioritis as Senioritis, but just in Junior year. This is a false definition because, really, they are two very different things.

A symptom of Junioritis is discovering your optimal bullshit level. Throughout your freshman and sophomore years, you have experimented by trial and error how much bullshit you can actually get by. Now that you are a Junior, the bullshit level is just right, like Goldilocks finding Baby Bear's soup. On the other hand, Senioritis rejects the idea of tactical bullshitting and forgoes expending effort as a whole.

Another possibly related symptom of Junioritis is finding out how much you can get done in a short amount of time. If we were to compare a productivity/time graph of a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior, we will notice that as

student -> senior

productivity begins to concentrate closer and closer towards the due date. In essence, the Junior knows how to be a productivity machine, but only after procrastination (prerequisite).

At student=senior, productivity does not exist.
100 math questions assigned Tuesday, due next Monday.

Freshman: Steady pace of 20 math questions per day.
Sophomore: Done on weekend, mostly Sunday.
Junior: Done on Sunday night/Monday morning. (Infected with Junioritis)
Senior: Meh. (Infected with Senioritis)
by raiseyourweapon March 05, 2013
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A condition that strikes high school juniors. Symptoms include frequent headaches, frequent complaints of stress, random hyperventilation, violent mood swings, and a disinterest in schoolwork. Mainly caused by an overdose of AP classes, a very heavy workload, college visits, extracurricular activies, and school sports. In 99.8% of all cases of junioritis, senioritis will result. There is no known cure. Treatments include snow days or any prolonged vacation period.
Why isn't Alex coming to the movies with us?
He's stricken with junioritis. He has a five page world history essay due tomorrow.
by clfson November 14, 2005
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Junioritis is when a student in their third year of high school suffers the effects of work overload, (Can become more severe when an individual mixes AP and Honors classes with a part-time job), and a lack of recreational time with acquaintances and friends. Usually results in only looking forward to sleeping, if only for 4-5 hours per night due to studies, frequent mental meltdowns, and crankiness towards all individuals in the students life. Symptoms usually begin around October, and continue until Mid-Late June when the shock of the realization that Junior year is finally over subsides.
"I have to write my 10-page research paper, but I am super-suffering from Junioritis and feel like my brain has become mental soup and will leak out of my ears"

After many medical tests, the doctor diagnosed the 17 year old boy, who's brain was no longer able to function due to excessive use, with Junioritis.

After explaining her plight of having too many end of the year projects to her AP history teacher, the teacher showed no sympathy to the student suffering from Junioritis and said "Well, I hear Senior year is fun."
by exhausted_junior May 30, 2009
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A condition especially pertaining to juniors with rigorous academic schedules and strong ambitions for college that inhibits them from willingly doing their work and poses them ask the age-old question, "What is the point of all of this?"

Often leads to senioritis.
I know that I have to keep my grades up to get into college, but I think junioritis is starting to sink in and I just don't want to do my work.
by hey its me January 13, 2004
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a condition of knowing that homework is important, but not wanting to do it because you're sick of doing homework
I can't do this take-home final, I have such bad junioritis.
by Billy G December 06, 2003
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The sleep-deprived, zombie-like disease of a high-school junior who has overdosed on AP or honors classes and extracurriculars.
A person with junioritis exhibits characteristic tendencies such as caffeine dependence, poor posture, a bleak social life, and basic hatred for anyone without homework. Used as a noun or occasionally as an expletive, if said with enthusiasm.
I was up until three this morning writing an argumentative essay and studying for an AP history exam.
I've got horrible junioritis.
OR Junioritis! Who the heck drank all the Pepsi?
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
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