Usually a teen on Halo 3 that has no skill what-so-ever.
"So I was on Halo 3 last night and I took on a team of Bad kids...."
by sunnyboyBarron March 07, 2009
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Someone who is not good at a game

a kid thinks hes good and really isnt you say
"Wow Bad Kid"
Someone names their self sakaii you say

"wow what a bad kid"
by TuNutz March 10, 2006
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Basically a newer way to call somebody a noob.

Generally the players who use the word, overuse it and will call somebody a bad kid about 13 times in one sentence. This can range from jeasouly to just plain stupidity. What motivates them to say it is still a mystery. Scientists believe it makes them feel better that they fail in life. They think they are god's gift to gaming when in all reality, they themselves are the bad kid.

Please see the word Noob if you're looking for a broader meaning of the term.
Player 1: Wow you just betrayed me... You cost us the game!

Player 2: STFU bad kid!
by Proem March 07, 2010
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Anyone who is bad or does something wrong at anything
Kids spills his drink

u say "Wow Bad Kid"

Some fag is readin Harry Potter

u say " Wow bad Kids read harry potter"
by VzN x Shinobi August 25, 2005
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A derogitory term referring to a younger sibling or friend who does drugs every day, gives older people attitude and has overall strong feelings of teenage angst. Labeling someone a Bad Kid can also have negative effects their self esteem if used frequently enough. Try it!
See:delinquent Ned
"Andrew, you're such a bad kid!"
"Andrew, quit being such a bad kid!"
by Rob M February 13, 2004
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Anyone who is bad or does something wrong. Someone who is constantly doing something bad.
Catarina is the Best Girlfriend EVER but she does bad things all the time so i call her a bad kid
by jona94 February 14, 2007
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Someone that’s usually salty in Fortnite Because they’re trash at the game so they start Talking trash With the common phrase “Ur bad kid”
You let me die I was caring you with my one kill ur bad kid
by LamarisnothereYT June 01, 2019
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