5 definitions by cuocuo

When you have gave all your love but it has been drained. Your heart has been broken and will take a long time to heal (like filling up a pool)
No more water in the swimming pool means that your heart is broken.
by cuocuo May 12, 2020
when u hold in ur pee for so long that u have a similar feeling to edging which could get u horny
“i’m litterly pedging rn i have to pee so bad, it feels good tho”
by cuocuo December 2, 2020
There are multiple meanings for “seeing the sun”
1. light at the end of the tunnel.

3. sex :)) (usually used when referring to gay sex)
When I told my parents I was gay, I could see the sun.
by cuocuo May 12, 2020
The day my new song is gonna come out with some of my friends!! Coming soon guys! Glad to celebrate our 10th together ❤️❤️
June 23rd is the day my new song will come out with a few of my old, but close friends
by cuocuo May 12, 2020
Border-line, a border between 2 things that could be either or, or is close to be on one side of the spectrum. ALSO THE NAME OF THE NEWEST HARRY STYLES SOLO ALBUM THAT IS AMAZING AND U SHOULD DEFINITELY STREAM IT
It’s a fine line between genius and stupid. I’m starting to think it’s genius. Yet again, it’s a fine line.

by cuocuo May 12, 2020