1. Banger fight. MMA matchup that's strike heavy. See slugfest.

2. Soldier in arabic and related languages.
"That fight was jundi G." - Bro

"They stand and banged in the octagon." - Bro 2
by JundiG April 21, 2021
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jean shorts that are so short there basically undies
dammm girl, those are some jundies
by shelbs94 July 22, 2013
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Jeans fashioned into underwear
"hey bruce, mint jundies, I've got a raging hard on!"
by Triplezero December 9, 2011
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A dirty smelly person of foreign descent who has a poo-tash and a schneibly
Oh look over there at the dirty jundy, what a tramp!
by Jundy April 30, 2014
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Mal's having red wine & jundie time at his tonight.
by Slappy123 November 3, 2010
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