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Something that is both jammy and delicious at the same time

Jammy + Yummy
Can be used in reference to a really good pudding "My, thats one jummy sponge!"
by Bear500 February 28, 2010
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Country of origin is Ireland
Alter ego of Jimmy.
A simbiatic relation between the pot smoker in someone and the good faced conservative on the other side. Jummy only smokes the finest and hits the finest ass. He keeps Jimmy in trouble and vise a versa.
As Jummy exhales he proclaims "micheal moore is a complete bone smoker."
by jummy June 28, 2004
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I went down to the beach last year and saw the funniest jummy you ever could've seen
by jake+megan January 09, 2009
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A guy who ejaculates 4-5 times a day exclusively to Hentai Porn on VR.
That guy is such a Jummy he probably watches Naruto all day.
by Jummy April 04, 2017
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