someone of half Asian descent. It doesn't matter what the other half of the mix is, they always seem to turn out beautiful.

Famous Juliettes: Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell, Johnny Damon, Sean Lennon, Sean Paul, Keanu Reeves
Her dad's Vietnamese, her mom is Scottish. She's a Juliette.
by Sayaka November 05, 2006
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verb (intransitive)

1. to swear in the presence of children ("to pull a Juliette").
Who would have thought that Janice could have julietted at the daycare she works at? I thought she had higher standards.
by BeMatty April 04, 2014
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Juliette’s are strong independent woman. they don’t need to follow there friends, they’re natural born leaders. they are very determined and smart. they also can come off as VERY blunt, but it comes in handy. A juliette is usually the girl who is friends with everyone, but doesn’t have a certain group of friends she likes. also juliette’s have gorgeous hair,. She is kind of athletic when it needs to be, but she excells in areas academically. Juliette’s can be very bitchy, but only when needed. Juliette’s need that one best friend to be happy. Juliette’s are loyal af, but every cross her and you will die. She is also very happy and perky, and would never try and hurt someone. Everyone needs a juliette in there life wether you know it or not
man 1: DAMN who she?
man 2: probably a juliette
by hippiechicky345 March 14, 2018
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Verb; To helplessly pour through legal articles on Civil Law.
Alternatively, someone who has an unnatural attachment to Colin Firth.
"Dude, I totally Julietted last night."

"Really? Loads of work done then?"

"No, dude, I raided Colin's bins."
by Flat 6 February 11, 2009
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Juliette is a sweet,sporty,and has a big appetite. She love to play in competions. And dont get her mad because she will f*ck you up. Dhe can be a bit bitch sometimes bit once you apologize for also being a bitch she will forgive you. She loves it when guys are flirty and take her to dinner. She also loves sex. But don't watch p0rn she counts that as cheating.
Omg I heard that Juliette killed a girl because she didn't apologize
by DONUT FUCK WITH ME BITCH November 26, 2017
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A sweet, kind , caring girl who is beautiful but she doesn't know it and has a great voice she is a great bff to have and will always be there for you no matter what. Juliette's are very cool and vintage and not all "GIRLY GIRL" she is very trust worthy. Juliettes are also hilarious and will always make you laugh. Juliette are also not boy crazy and she doesn't care what people think of her, She is ver bold and strong
Girl: Hey Juliette I'm going through some tough times
Juliette: aww ant to talk about it
Girl: that would be great

Girl1: Omg she is like so ugly

Girl2: I know right

Juliette: I don't care about what you guys say I am my own person
Girl 1: ugh, lets go
Girl2: yeah, let's go
by boiiiiiii1 December 14, 2017
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loser who writes definitions about herself and thinks she all that, she is anorexic and has a crap voice its very screechy and hurts your ears, shes not attractive and not appealing at all
Juliette is such an ugly loser
by rehn457 July 14, 2009
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