Juliane is a girl that is crazy, nice and quite sadistic. She is weird, but in a very good way.
“She’s really a Juliane, I can spot it from far away”
“Yes, she seems so fun and wild
by tapir420 May 12, 2020
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Julianes are those insanely perfect human beings that you wanna imitate. Probably one of the cutest fucking girls anyone has ever laid their eyes on. Loving, caring strong women who take major responsibilities. Julianes’ smile can literally make anyone’s day, as pure and honest as their heart may be. Insanely hot. Incredibly stylish. And hella smart. Julianes however worry often about their looks when there’s literally no need to. Like a full 10/10. They tend to overthink stuff a lot because they will make sure you are happy. People will often tell how loyal, honest and talented they are (because those human beings can draw like no one else can). Why would anyone call this princess a bitch huh?
Boy 1: haha mate I’ve talked to this girl about music but she listens to some hard shit
Boy 2: wdym?
Boy 1: like Metallica and Zeppelin something, go talk to her, her name is Juliane
Boy 2: Dude WTF you’ve talked to a Juliane and you didn’t tell me??? Fucking hell bob those girls are like Angels
by Madremia June 25, 2020
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Smexy potato beast that will steal your man. Probably a queen.
Wow! Juliane is the best at eating.
by The real goat and oG March 28, 2018
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A magnanimous girl who will be loyal and stick by your side no matter what. A multi-tasker and multi-talented individual. She may seem sensitive but she is very protective and compassionate in what ever the case may be. She is also very romantic but tends to be clingy and dependent on that person she likes. Sometimes can not think about the future and lives in her past memories. Nevertheless she will always be awesome!
"Love me, hate me, say you what you want about me!
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Juliane" :P
by BubblyPearls July 6, 2010
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A Juliane's your best friend.
She usually has a teddy that she adores. She's also into photography and always strives to fulfill her never ending desires to create the perfect universal soothing aesthetic.
She loves Jazz but she cannot sing. Dont ever make her sing.
Shes is someone with average looks. She's not mindblowingly beautiful. She's more of a duff.
Because of her looks she may not be very popular when it comes to romance, but that just makes her more approachable as a friend. She'll always listen and worry about you. She might not give the best advice but you can always rant to her.
Juliane is very emotional. She will rant a lot of times. She's easily angered and has a very short temper. She's very easily hyped meaning that she often finds herself in situations in which everything escalated. Juliane is not very intelligent, not very talented, not very beautiful and incredibly clumsy but if you do take the time to put up with her she will be the best friend you will ever have.
Person A: Hey, I'm not feeling well. A lot of bs happening lately.
Person B: You should talk to Juliane, she will feed you good foods as well!
Juliane: Com'ere bebi *starts the endless cuddles*
by aesthetiquemoon July 23, 2018
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A girl that everyone seems to fall in love with instantly because they think she is so sweet. When you are around her, she makes you feel important and admired. But when you turn around the real bitch in sheep's clothing comes out. Be careful with her. She may seem nice and lovely but somewhere deep down there is something dark and rotten. She is not the perfect little girl she seems to be. She will break you.
Mark - Hey man, I'm going out with Juliane tomorrow night.
Jason - Woow, careful with that one
Mark - What do you mean? She is the nicest person I've ever met
Jason - Yeah that's what I thought too. Until she...
by i_state_facts May 11, 2019
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