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Name used for a girl who is beautiful, smart and youthful. Great eyes and smile.
Julene is so beautiful
by Beaco765 August 03, 2016
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Julene is the type of person no matter what you do she’ll always laugh and tell you you’re dumb for doing that, she’s always joking around and punching people for laughs. She’s the type of girl that you always want to be around, when you see her in the hallway she’ll yell your name and make a funny face to distract you. She’ll vape with you in the school bathroom, she’ll ditch, but she just wants you to like her. She loves to feel loved by someone and she doesn’t usually believe that they do but what she doesn’t know is that we all love her for who she is.
Julene is so funny and cool
by hayley.mae March 11, 2018
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Julene is a very smart funny person, she has a great smile and her laugh is perfect. She’s always having a good time and when she’s not she will still have a smile on her face. She can have tears in her eyes and still be making sure your okay, she cares more about others then herself.
Julene is so perfect.
by itsmethebeast January 18, 2019
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