(v.) the act of hiking up one's leg garments in order to hide them under a longer than normal torso garment to provide one's peers with the appearance that you are not wearing said leg garments
When Jeph's jersey was hanging over his shorts he looked like he he had a nightgown on. He was actively nightgowning.
by Poundtowner January 18, 2010
Pretty much the only sex position in which a man can pleasure 4 women at once.
When I found myself alone with four women they jumped on me and we formed a Voltron Nightgown
by DMGabe July 18, 2010
An electrically-charged condom, powered by a battery.
Theresa? I heard her cooter is so loose, she needs a Voltron Nightgown just to get off.
by Felio July 26, 2009