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The school in the middle between elementary school and high school. This is most likely where everybody is trying out weed and doing it because they think there cool and need to stay on top of the popularity world. A place where some guys wears hollister and high nike socks, nike shoes, and tan/ white cargo pants. A place where some girls wear the most expensive clothing in the area and need to gossip about people to make themselves fell better. The girls usually aren't experimenting as much as the guys. The "popular guys" most likely drink or do other drugs. They usually really want to have sex and try to (some succeeding). This is where kids give into peer pressure and either have sex or do drugs. There is always a group though that hates on all of these things and I am one of those people. They are usually obsessed with drama and need to make people feel bad about them for anything. The most racist age group goes here. Whether or not it be black people, jews, mexicans.. You name it. After jr. high they go to high school and realize the shit hole they dug themselves into sophomore to senior year. They apply for colleges but don't get excepted because of the retarded things they do in jr. high. Nothing in Jr. High School even matters dumb asses!
John: Hey derek, lets go try to get some pussy from Amanda.
Derek: Ok, sounds fun.

Amanda: Did you hear about alex and shelby, they broke up

Gabi: Good! Alex is ugly, shelby is way to good for him
Amanda: I think shelbys a bitch. But your right, Alex is really really ugly.

John: Hey lets go make fun of those jewish niggers at Jr. High schools
Justin: Are you gonna finish that bottle.

Guy: Do you like my high nike socks, hollister shirt, and tan cargo pants.
Slut: Yea, you look sooooo hot. Lets go make out under the stairs and maybe you can get more of me later.
by fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkpreps April 15, 2011
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