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A person who is athletic and gothic (Jock+Goth=Joth). Typical Joth symbol 🤘
Katie, Tina, and Bella think they are joths, but Marco, Stephen, and Nico are the only real joths!
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by Phyllis = Marco March 17, 2016
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A person who is both a jock and a goth simultaneously. A big dude who wears black clothes and paints his nails, seems cranky but is also fairly popular and athletic at the same time, not as stupid or shitty as a jock and not as depressed as a goth, nor are they as mean to there peers as a jock would be, however this doesn't make them nice.
"Craig is so hot, he's such a jock.."
"No he isn't, he's totally a goth."
"you're both right, he's a joth."
by sharkyteef July 16, 2018
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1. A jewish goth.

2. A individual that dresses like a punk or goth at a very consistant rate. They have their nails painted black on both hands, or just some fingers.

They are very independent and introverted, and like to observe people before interacting with them.

Joths like the darker side of things and have interests regarding art, poetry, horror, and music.

Although they vary in apperance and personality, they listen to hard rock, metal, death metal, punk, and goth rock, and try to raise awareness of the corruption of rock and enslaving of music by the evil music industry.

They also can tell the difference between fake, sellout rock, and real rock.

Their political opinions are different, but the joth I know considers himself a liberal.

Joths are steriotyped as being jerks, satan worshippers, and cutters. They are not.
Joths are awesome. Period.
by Rock Wraith September 21, 2004
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I would like to correct El Fredo by saying that a joth dresses as they please- but usually in goth or punk clothing. Usually has index and pinky fingers painted black on both hands for boys and girls.
-That joth over there listens to Anti-Flag-

-"Should I wear the HIM (his infernal majesty) shirt, or the Metallica Master of Puppers shirt?"

"Ask Evan- he's a joth."
by Jeydehn September 11, 2004
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One who adopts some Goth attitudes but dresses normally at a greater rate and focuses on raising awareness of the corruption of rock and defeating the corrupt music industry. Joths listen primarily to metal, hard rock, and punk and they avoid pop and imitation rock.

Awareness of this culture was brought to me by one known to myself only as Jeydehn.
Don't you Joths ever stop whining? This will always happen as long as there's money to be made.
by El Fredo September 10, 2004
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The Definitions provided by Jeydehn and Rock Wraith are both correct. However, I would like to provide detail on the art of Joth nails.

The Joth fingernail is traditionally painted black, but variations have included blood red for men and women, and royal purple for mostly women*.
For liberals and/or democrats, the fingers on the left hand are painted. For conservatives** and/or republicans** the right hand is painted. For the angry Joth, the middle fingernail is painted, where as many Joths like to have their index and pinky fingernail painted.
There are many different "traditions", but Joth's have no code and so should not be mistaken as one of those trendy fads like EMO or.. dare I say... the Hot-Topic***-Goth.

*I have not met a homophobic Joth. Most Joths are tolerant of every life choice. Except for those that intentionally harm others.

**These are idiots and jackasses. Any Joth that supports Bush is not a Joth.

***Hot Topic is not a Gothic or Punk store. Gothics and Punks believe in non mainstream clothing, where as Hot Topic takes non mainstream fashion and turns it INTO the mainstream itself. Hot Topic is a hypocrit in its own existance.
Jeydehn is a true Joth, as I have met him in person.

Daniel is a true Joth, as I have met him in person.

Sam is not a Joth because she is not jewish. She is not Gothic nor Punk. She could be classified as a Hot-Topic-Goth and/or EMO.
by Black Candles November 27, 2004
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