A term initially from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fanfiction, the term 'Jossed' is now used in many fandoms as a description of when a fanfiction writer's explanation of a certain event or exploration of a characters' motivations which previously is ambiguous, is then explained by the actual fandom, and contradicts the fanfiction writers story.

The term is derived from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon. The term is most prevalent in the science fiction genre.

It is used most commonly when authors are led to believe that a certain event may happen later in a Television series or book and write a story with that event in it, then the official author goes in a different direction, making their story 'AU', Alternate Universe.
This story about Buffy living in Los Angeles got Jossed when Buffy returned to Sunnydale. Now it's AU.

by Chanel #5 January 14, 2007
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Superb or awesome .

Alternatives spelling- Xoss
Sometimes used as an exclamation for something really good.

Mostly Bengali people use this term.
Hi,how was your day?
- joss!

You were looking joss on that party
by Saira103 August 20, 2020
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Massive Cock, the ladies can’t hold back, his time in bed unmatched, but his personality is great too
God my boyfriend is such an joss
by derpfox792 February 4, 2019
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Named for Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Generally used by fanfiction writers when the shows chose to go in a direction that contradicted the story the fanfiction writer was currently working on. Jossing can mean that the show's writers contradicted earlier episodes, but more often just means that they filled in backstory differently than some fans did.
"I just wrote a story about Spike's past as a pickpocket, but it turns out he was a wimpy poet when he was human! I've been Jossed!"
by sarah90 May 25, 2005
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A josse is a really nice guy.
Look at that nice guy over there. Must be a Josse!
by J0553 May 5, 2016
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When a character or his/her close relation is unnecessarily maimed or killed. This includes, but is not limited to the stylings of Joss Whedon (see Fred Weasley).
Person 1: Dude, On a scale of Spike to Tara, how bad was Wesley jossed?
Person 2: More than Coulson, less than Connor.
by mael March 30, 2013
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A variation of "joshing", to joke. Used on a title card in the silent film "Hollywood the Unusual" (c.1927)
We weren't serious, we were just jossing.
by Nathan Hendler February 8, 2008
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