An utter wanker is liked by no one and will die alone
Oh, my God he is such a Joseph.
by MUmma truth biy November 29, 2016
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to look at the ceiling and count the dots on the panels. commenly done after tests. only works in schools.
after that test I was sooo bored man, I josephed for half an hour.
by Hero rasmussen February 27, 2008
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Most Josephs are classified as “slowpokes”, “slowbros”, or “slowkings”, because they tend to be arbitrarily slower than others. Now, don’t get me wrong Josephs aren't the worst guys in the world, but they do tend to boast about having large dicks when in fact they are either average or below average in size. Josephs tend to have dark colored hair and eyes, most wear glasses or contacts, they’re usually tall and skinny, but every once and a while a burly one may arise.

Although, Josephs can be conceited they can also be passionate and ambitious, but they tend to rely on others to help them reach their goals. They also have intense mindsets, but Josephs tend to speak their thoughts while still brooding. This sometimes causes them to be severely blunt and sometimes crude to others.

In closing, Josephs can be boastful, slow, and conceited, but what they lack they make up for with their generosity and passion. So, next time you meet a Joseph be patient with him, because at first he’ll seem like a jerk, but slowly and steadily he’ll turn out to be the best of friend you could ever hope to have.
"He is as slow as a Joesph" or "Wow, he is as passionate as a Joseph".
by Behind_Sapphire_Eyes January 30, 2015
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A boy who is amazing. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He's there when you need him the most. He's sexy, adorable, funny, and weird. Definitely the boy you will fall in love with at first sight. You'll never be able to forget about him. Listens to mostly punk-rock and pop music. Loves you for who you are.
"Oml, is that Joseph"
"Ya girl he's fine"
by blondechick03 January 01, 2018
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Joseph is a cute stubborn man who tends to over react. The slightest downfall and he'll hide under his shell under lock and key. His butt-hurt at the moment and the only person that can kiss it to make it better is his osteopath whom he has blocked. Joseph is the most sweetest, kindest and lovable person who has a complex mind. Joseph is a fighter and a leader who needs to be loved. There is a special someone who cares for him but he needs to reach out to her. Joseph is the best friend anyone could have. Joseph is the real Mckoy who needs to chill.
Joseph is an extraordinary man with an astonishing personality.
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by Zero tolerance to disloyalty October 12, 2017
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when some has a big nose and ears like an elephant but they're actually human
bro 1: wow look at that Joseph over there

bro 2: Jesus Christ his nose is huge

bro 3: with the size of those ears he could probably hear us talking shit about him half way around the world
by Shadow_Chronix March 08, 2017
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