aka. The most gorgeous girl ever. Has the most gorgeous eyes and doesn't have to do anything to look nice. She just naturally looks great...with or without makeup. Loves chicken nuggets a lot but don't get it twisted she likes all different kinds of foods and will try most things. She's obviously the sweetest girl ever. Not too basic with her pop punk songs, her lactose intolerance, and her starbucks orders. She's so stubborn but honestly she's a keeper.
Bro you got yourself a Jordyn, I'm happy for you!
by DoctorDope December 16, 2016
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v. the act of becoming so cool that it is impossible to not be talked about, in a good way.
Did you see how brad pitt jordyn the other day when he was on the couch at oprahs?
by oemgitsemmy June 11, 2005
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the hottest most coolest person you'll ever meet in the whole wide world. so amazing all the guys will want to date her. tall and beautiful usually with short brown hair and sexy as fuck.
guy: damn jordyn is cool af
by thatwindowframeoverthere November 22, 2016
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she is a short cute girl with green eyes. usually doesnt give a shit but she also is very unique in her own way. if you make fun of her watch out she probably has a very protective boyfriend that will punch you in the face. overall jordyns are also loving and caring too
boy1: omg your such a jerk

jordyn: i dont give a shit because my boyfriend is going to beat the shit out of you

boy1: hold on is your name jordyn

jordyn: yes
boy1: shit im so sorry

Jordyn:your going to be when my boyfriend punches you in the face
by a girl who doesnt give a shit January 24, 2015
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A Girl that laughs at pretty much anything and everything . Thinks she's ugly even though she very beautiful. Not your average girl , very unique. Smart and full with potential.
Boy1: that girl over there must be a Jordyn , she goofy and so beautiful

Boy2: it is Jordyn
by Jmill123 February 20, 2017
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A amazing best friend who you couldn't ask for more
I wish I had Jordyn and my best friend
by Baleigh April 07, 2017
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