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The most perfect guy ever, tall with sexy af hair. Best personality ever. He has a super power to always ALWAYS make you laugh, he is sweet and kind and gentle but at the same time fun to play around with and tease, he always keeps your secret and tries to help you anyway he can. His hugs are MAGICAL!!!! I'm serious! He hugs you it's like he fixes everything for you. (Hardest guy not to fall in love with) He has one of the most contagious smiles ever! He also the most sexiest voice ever!!! He is someone who can get along with almost anyone and doubts himself sometimes cause he still hasn't learned just how amazing he is. He has a goofy and contagious laughing. He is smart but doesn't know how smart he is. He has put up with a lot of crap he didn't deserve so trying to give him more crap is like a crime as evil as hurting puppies. He is also fucking perfect in case you can't tell from all that.
His girlfriend "When we hug or touch... Well... Oh I can't even explain. Only Davin can make me feel like this. Only Davin. *Sighs because she misses him* He also is just... He has this personality that... Crap the English language has failed to give me such amazing perfect great words to describe him!"
His girlfriends bff " You make him sound like he is just the most perfect guy."
His girlfriend "HE IS!!!) 💞💖💝
by Unicookie November 14, 2018
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A wonderful man full of kindness, hope and love! Some one to cherish for the rest of time! Always great in bed! A man that should be a god!
Every one wants to be with a Davin
by Kayla donohoe February 05, 2010
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A really good person who never leaves anyone out and makes you smile
by #scarletwitch September 26, 2018
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usually black. amazing, a love able man.huge partier.crazy good in the bed. very popular. gets with whoever. has had bad past relationships.god at life. though he may seem like a player, deep inside theres only one girl hes crazy for. davin hides his true feelings until he feel he can share them. very reliable and trustworthy. good friend
davin is amazing
by LOVEMESOMEmen November 11, 2010
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A brilliant polymath with a particular knack for conversation. Although, a Davin's propensity generally lies in intellectual realms, he also tends to be full of love, caring, and compassion. Women flock to Davins, leaving other men quite bitter. In fact, Davins have a rap for stealing the ladies. Thus, the term "Don't davin on my woman!"
"Don't davin on my woman".
by squibleredydoobsop February 03, 2010
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words cant describe Davin but hes so perfect and like and hes so beautiful everything of him is so good , his personality man it’s the best I swear I don’t know how you can’t fall Inlove with him and his smile OMGGG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL IT MAKES YOUR DAY and his laugh his voice EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT , whenever yu see him your heart melts of happiness and he makes your day shine bright and he’s so hot , his HUGS ARE THE BEST!!! whenever he hugs yu it makes yu feel better and makes yu have a good day , but sometimes he’s confusing but like still he’s perfect Idk how to describe a guy like him
girl- omg Davin is so fine
girl 2- who?
girl- this guy *shows her his social media*
Girl 2- omg he is
by ghost girll:) May 28, 2019
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