When you are a cunt Jordy you are a hughmongusly annoying cunt. So if you're called Jordy and you're friends tell you you're a cunt. You're a cunt jordy. People like you are very dominantly present and need to bring everyone down to your level.
Brandon: *Telling a cool story of how he went to this creepy place and ran out because there were noises*

by WAVIE April 27, 2017
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When one takes a shit on another’s chest and finger paints a drawing on said chest
“Man I pulled a naughty Jordy last night it was stank
“This chick asked me to pull a naughty jordy so I got the fuck out of there”
by DragonMYballzDave November 12, 2020
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Some who is being Gay-Hitler
Bryan is being Michael Jordy Ortiz
by Spaztrooper October 17, 2016
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