Used to describe a Finnish male kid, (Brit. Eng. "Chav" but male), usually drinks energy drinks by EuroShopper, abbreviated ES. Plays coin machines, wears a cap, is a white male between ages 12-15, over uses curse words and tries to act 'cool'
Jonne: "Hey two packs of smokes and one energy drink"
Cashier: "Sorry, we do not accept library cards as I.D."
by ylilauta November 23, 2011
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Usually a 9-15 year old elementary or upper school boy. Jonne is recognized by e.g. idiotic behavior, abundant gaming and drinking energy drinks. In addition, some people go to the internet and they play games often they freak out. The Jonne step in life usually ends in time. There are many types of Jonne and there is no specific definition. Jonne is widely used as a bullying word.
Once again, the freaking Jonne was in our parking lot.
Again the Jonne came to flex when i was playing video games.
by Sensei Fu September 11, 2019
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Really awesome guy, tends to be someone you'll never forget, good or bad. Tends to be an asshole, but has a good heart when you reach it. Takes patience to handle, but can be someone you'll want in your life for the rest of your life.
Girl: I met a Jonn last night, he was a jerk, but I know what he's hiding.

Girl 2: what is he hiding?

Girl: A big golden heart!
by LaLaLiDa December 18, 2010
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1. Another name for a pedophile. They usually tend to roam social networking sites to to find unsuspecting children.

2. Pedobear
1. My little daughter was nearly targeted by a Jonn when she was browsing the internet.

2. Jonn's image is so cute!
by Night Tenjou123 May 22, 2011
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To jonnne is to motorboat someones tits but at the same time as they are getting eaten out, it is also to have lesbian intercourse
Carol was so hawwwtt that i decided to jonne her.
by Pricilia April 03, 2008
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A girl who is super smart even if she doesn’t show it off. She isn’t to be messed with, but really don’t mess with her friends, if you hurt them in any way she will find you and make sure you pay. She is a caring person but don’t get on her bad side. Also don’t call her Johnny, HER NAME ISNT JOHNNY
“Jonne threatened who ever said something rude to her best friend.”
by El2006 November 13, 2018
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Fronts the Finnish band Negative.
Angelic, beautiful...he will crush your soul.
Any man who used to work in a Kindergarten by day and perform with his band at night deserves fame! Jonne Aaron = an amazing human being.
by Negativity March 09, 2006
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