A type of lawyer that mishandles a case so poorly that the DA either increases the sentence range for their plea offer or withdraws the offer altogether forcing the client to go to trial where he/she is inevitably found guilty.
I originally had a plea offer of 3-5 years for my drug charge, and then I hired a total JonH who fucked up the case so bad that the offer changed to 7-10 years.
by Neogreen January 18, 2023
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Someone who likes computers to an extreme. Won't see him far from his PC! He loved playing sof2 with his tongue up people's asses like ac4. Wouldn't take a job if it landed at his feet.
Hey is that Jon? No silly he's not near a computer
by Muhahahahahahaha July 12, 2004
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a fat ass who likes to eat and dosent stop he will eat you if u get the chance like chichen and porn he will sit on you
run its jonh the fat ass
by roku san September 22, 2010
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Best wrestler in the world. U can't c me!
And his name is Jonh Cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
by DGJOBS19 April 22, 2017
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It's a swaggy person that likes Gonta Gokuhara and Bananas I guess
Person 1:Did you hear that Uncle Jonh became an admin?
Person 2:No I didn't!Good for him!
by Gonta Appreciator *screams* March 31, 2021
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Americas last best hope for peace.

Will beat Moron because people realise that Moron has made a mess of things.

Fought for his country while Moron was drink driving some where probably with his drink driving manslaughtering wife.

Has a brain unlike Moron.

Can say more that "We are workin' hard"

Wont sent soldiers to there doom, unlike twat features.

doesnt suck right wing christian fundy cock.

Moron and Twat Features, are popular names for that Dumb bush person..
Man: Hey billy bob, waa u fink about dat John Kerry?

Billy bob: I nuh laak him cows maa daadddy votin republicain an' i cant think fo ma self! An Geeeorge Buush has a Smlia I cuu to mee.

man: What about you michael?

Michael: Well John Kerry likes the rest of the world, and thus if he is elected people will start liking americans, instead of thinking that they are a bunch of retarded, neo-con, dumbass, idiotic, gun toting morons, who love george bush, incidentally if they vote for bush they will be all those things plus they will continue to fuck up on a grand scale and kill more young americans looking for some osama bin laden, who is currently laughing his tits off at america.
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Youtuber italiano / Italian Youtuber

CANALE / CHANNEL: youtube.com/c/JonhPlaysRoblox
Oggi ho guardato Jonh Plays Roblox
Today i watched Jonh Plays Roblox
by JonhPlays May 1, 2022
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