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The most dysfuntional family on US soil.

Jon: The father and the sane one. Been seen cheating on his wife with Deanna Hummel. The better parent none the less. Jon lets his kids be kids while his estranged wife wants to treat them like adults when there ages are 5 and 8

Kate:Been engaged before but it was over because she was too controling. Been said to have an affair with her bodyguard. Bitch.
Jon and Kate plus 8 is the highest rated TV show on TLC. I don't blame Jon for cheating on his wife. She's horrible and i think he should get the kids. They like him better. Hell i like him better, Kate denied a thirsy Maddy water and then DRANK infront of her and she started crying. Backstage in an interview
by Twichikd98 June 27, 2009
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To ejaculate inside of the vagina eight times, then slapping your partner in the forehead eight times with your cock, while fondling a plastic surgeons daughter.
"I can't wait to get you home to jon and kate."
by chick cat November 03, 2009
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