A completely stupid show about Jon and Kate who through a rather unfortunate genetic mistake, had twins. Even worse, a few years later, some of Jon's sperm decided to SERIOUSLY get drunk and give kate SIX KIDS AT ONCE. (perhaps powerthirst had something to do with this) Anyhow, this show really, REALLY sucks. After however 5 years of this bullsh*t, no one gives a damn anymore, UNTIL OH NO WTF JON CHEATING WHAAAAAAAT. Jon has been cheating on kate, and for the money, they've been keeping up the charade. So they're ENORMOUS attention whores. No one cares. Go away.
M: Did you see Jon and Kate Plus 8 last night?
J: You actually watch that? You dumbass, there's NO REASON TO WATCH THAT? GO AWAY!!!!!!! (stab)

How all conversations about this show should go.
by Justin Gerard February 1, 2010
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An adorable show following the life of a family with sextuplets and twins.
Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC
by hpo December 12, 2008
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Pretty much the best TLC show in the world. About a mom and dad having 8 kids (twins and sextuplets)... Pretty much rocks if you love kids and life unscripted!!
Oh that show stinks.. its not Jon and Kate Plus 8!
by Kathryn14 March 6, 2009
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A womans dream and a guys nightmare. It is either the best show on television or the worst show on television, depending who you are. There seems to be a surge in popularity the last couple of months. I hate the show, it's just a family that has eight kids.
by baseracer June 25, 2009
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A TLC television show about a couple and their 8 children. It is one of the most watched shows on TLC. The show format is of the two parents recounting a particular day and the trails and tribulations that follow as they raise their children. These interview responses are interruptions to clips from that day. In other words, the most amazing show ever!
A: so what is your favorite show?
B: Jon and Kate plus 8
by tlcrepresent December 11, 2008
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Going out to a bar/club as a married man while not wearing your wedding band, and proceeding to be seen/photographed cheating on your wife.
My man JG was totally pulling a Jon and Kate plus 8 this weekend in Atlantic City.
by Ya Boy BG May 7, 2009
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It is derived from a TV show on TLC. A couple that lives with 8 kids with chaos happening everyday.
The term is also interchangeable with a big 'Mexican family'.
Look at that 'Jon & Kate plus 8'!
by Yukester November 19, 2007
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