Cuckoo. The pot calling the kettle black. A disgusting and hypocritical trial lawyer who got rich by sewing health care providers who is now ironically in the US Senate and running for President of the United States as a Democrat. Whoda thunk it? He attacked other rich persons, particularly George W. Bush for allegedly being out of touch with mainstream America, claiming he (Edwards) is “the only ‘real’ middle class American in the Presidential race,” yet he is not just one of North Carolina’s richest persons but considered the “most affluent” candidate in the running. He’s is a laughingstock, hypocrite and a liar.
John Edwards is among one of the groups of people that is most wrong with this country and wants to run for President. God help us.
by August 8, 2007
A television personality who claims to communicate with the dead. Owns a book called, "How to 69 with yourself". Was nominated for, and won, the "Biggest Douche in the Universe" award, beating out an actual giant douche.
Wow, John Edward, you're such a giant douche!
by Jacko912 April 30, 2006
John Edward won the 2002 biggest douche in the universe award for trying to trick people into thinking that he was really able to communicate with their dead relatives.
by rustyshackleford August 12, 2007
a man who is sexually attracted to john kerry

he also cares more about becoming president than being with his own family
john edwards tried to feel down kerry's leg
by lemonpartyfan April 5, 2007
A democratic presedential candidate for the 2008 election. Very strong candidate, and for the people. And whoever says he cares more about being president than being with his family is a douche.
by storm w November 2, 2007
1) To cheat at something. Maybe a video game, Spades, a card game, or a race.

2) To bang another lady while your rightfully married partner is unable to react to the situation, for whatever reason.

3) To try to do something great for the public to hide how big of a jerk you are at the personal level.
1) "Quit looking at the other side of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you dip-shit! If you pull a John Edwards on me like that again, I'll burn your entire collection in the back-yard!"

2) Jessica Simpson's boyfriend had to pull a John Edwards on her in her own home! He was caught banging a chick on top her bed! As if she had enough to be upset about! She's Jessica Simpson! Her life has been dropped on shit creek without a paddle!

3) The stupid man is trying to run for Vice President. Even know he cheated on his wife who has breast cancer, he still thinks he has what it takes to become a figure for this country. Encourage people to be stupid and do things wrong. We're not going to let John Edwards pull himself at us again!
by hekifier March 29, 2009
John and Edward are contestants in the 2009 Series of X Factor. They are often booed by the audience because they "Cannot sing" and always avoid the final 2. Their mentor is Louis Walsh, who put them into the final for publicity, and, because they are Irish. A lot of people throughout the country hate the duo, but no matter how much people hate them, they are still getting votes. If they win the competition, Simon Cowell will leave the country.
Teenage girl: Jesus Christ not these again! I want a hot group not these Irish jokers!

Guy: Oh my god who are these idiots? Oh wait, John and Edward! I'm sorry guys, i thought it was someone else! You're awesome! *Gets hit in face by girlfriend*
by GimpyWimpy November 1, 2009