A semi introvert. A cold person at first. He doesn’t talk much and doesn’t give a damn to others. He’s quiet and mysterious. You will not see him in crowded and loud places. But once you know him and he gives his trust to you, he’s the most fun person to be with.

He’s a jokester. He loves to laugh with the persons he trust the most. A great friend, always giving a helping hand.

John Edward is very caring. He’s the most loving person you’ll ever meet. If by any chance you’re in a relationship with John Edward, he will make you feel like a queen with a real king.

He loves to be in a serene place with his girl. Physical touch is his love language. Caress him and surely he’ll go crazy. Love him 100 percent and he’ll give you 1000% love back.

He loves his little girl/bebe/laloves/lovebug so much.

John Edward is one of a kind.

John Edward is for keeps.

Little girl is so blessed to have him.
You’re so lucky with your boyfriend! He’s so John Edward!
by tlegirl00 March 10, 2022
The ultimate ladies man. We call him the female whisperer. When he whistles, he sounds like a mockingbird. He has the biggest feet. Girls want to suck his toes. He looks like the person that would get face tattoos.
He is John Edward
by John Leary March 29, 2019