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A girl who is just simply amazing. She is the "good-girl", she is the "wild child", she is your best friend, and she may even be that special someone. Joen is beautiful on the inside and out. She is well-behaved in public, but is the life of the party. She is also a very faithful friend. No matter how far apart you guys have drifted, she will always be waiting there for you. Her love for her friends and family is endless so don't ever doubt her not accepting you back. Joen is also really funny. The things she says and does will make you laugh so hard that you'll cry, there is never a dull moment when with her. Get to know a Joen, there are many more surprises yet to find out. (:
Teacher: Okay class, pick a lab partner.
Everyone in the class: Dibs on Joen!
by mr.sexy01 February 11, 2013
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A name for hot caring skaters!
Some who is understanding.
Someone whos good in the sack.
a man with beautiful abs!
Someone who is not a good kisser.
Someone who gives life a new meaning.
A dogs butt hole.
Some one who loves going to the beach and chilling loves to play video games hang with friends andgets to emotionaly attached to a girl/guy.
a Name for a boy.
James: Did you see that guy last night with all those tricks
Ember: Who Jo-en...?
James: oh hes a Jo-en then never mind.
by Smurffet January 01, 2011
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Someone who lived in the 1800's and is still alive today. They are old fashioned and have crappy work cars. If they read this, they would not care.
(Joen) Thy will not ever break thy law, as things have changed
(kid) Mom your like 500 years old, shut up!
by Ask me about my wiener April 13, 2010
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joen is anything. hey pass me that joen? wheres that joen? hook me up wit a joen? or a favorite, gimme that joen.
person 1: (takes person 2s hat)
person 2: hey you fuckin joen, gimme that joen!
person 1: fuck you joen
person 2: ima shove this joen up your joen!
by aape man November 01, 2007
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