When Traffic Management employees leave traffic cameras looking at the trees, signs and everything except for the traffic.
I want to look at the accident on the interstate but it appears the camera is Joe'd
by LouDouche May 15, 2019
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To be left hanging when plans have been made
"You won't believe what happened last night"
"I made plans with Joe last night but.. "
"You got Joe'd?"
by random-name-to-use June 26, 2019
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To ruin ones knee due to an unorthodox running style and general clumsiness.
Shit man, your knee's been Joe'd!
by NoseyMan January 26, 2020
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When a guy, who is a complete cheapo, arrogantly suggest that the girl pay for herself after asking her out.
Guy- Well I definitely got me. Prob you. But idk let me get my check.
Girl- Wow Seriously? I'm not even trying to get Joe'd!
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When you're extremely high but there's people nearby so you use it as a code word

Named after my great plug Joe
by 1sunday October 25, 2019
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" Joe'd" when you get Joe'd....you....end up with your panties in a dumpster and your ass on a transit bus
I got " Joe'd" today....(NOT PROUD) or should I be?
by me me 187 October 8, 2011
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To completely screw up something; kill a joke; maliciously kill a story; to say something completely unrelated to the discussed topic; being oblivious to everything; to heed the progress of something; etc.
Marco joe'd it when he attempted to make an alteration of a joke but completely and miserably failed
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