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An altered version of the game go fish. The game consists of 2 or more men and a deck of cards. They then shuffle the cards and divide them out evenly. ( Note though that for groups of more than 4 men, 2 or more decks may be required). They then shove half of their playing cards up their anus, being careful not to peek at their opponents cards. They then stand in a semi-squatting, or if they chose, completely prone position. Next an opponent is chosen, and one player asks the other for a certain card. If the opponent does not have the card, then the requester must insert his arm into the opponent's anus and dig, or "Excavate" for a card. If the requested card is found then he wins a point. If not, then he may choose to continue asking the current opponent for cards, or choose another opponent. The game ends when all cards have been "Excavated".
"Hey Paul, do you have an ace?". "No Tom, I don't. Joe Fish, baby!!"
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The runny diarrhea you get after having a cock go too far up your ass after gay sex.
I think I have to Joe Fish. You should not have stuck your cock up my ass that far.
by CSharp Rules August 10, 2004
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While a woman is on her period, she takes a shower and leaves parts of her period, which is chunky in texture, on the bottom of the shower. Also known as a shower pepperoni.
Honey, give me a tissue. I dropped a couple Joe Fishes on the floor.
by Joe Fish Is Gay August 10, 2004
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To be a male and go out hooking and pic up men for money, then charge $2 for a suck off.
I sure could use a Joe Fish right now. Lets go pick one up.
by You are Gay. August 10, 2004
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