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A Woman who's beauty supersedes the brightness of the sun, but will tear your head of and parade her prize with much glee if you cross her path
That girl is so mad... She will turn all Jodye on you. Be nice. She's a force to be reckoned with.
by HairyPink September 05, 2016
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Jodye is a very great and beautiful person. she is an amazing friend with Giselle. She is funny and has a amazing personality. She would do anything for a best friend. Singing is one of her favorite things to do. There are so many other descriptions of how smart and funny and just wonderfull she is. She's like an angel
Teacher: Ok we could do partners
Giselle: Jodye wanna be partners??
Jodye: Yesssss
by I_straight_up June 10, 2018
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