The act of being Jobless.
Rajen joblessness is such that he woke up at 3pm and played Fifa all day till he fell asleep again.
by Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaj February 2, 2011
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Someone who is currently unemployed and spends 14+ hours on Twitter each day
The twitter user _mufcjay is jobless and has 74,000 tweets in 6 months
by Ryanmcfc_ July 30, 2021
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When someone doesn't give a damn on what to do in life
Doesn't have anything important to do
Dude:He's so jobless, all he ever does is sleep
by Slimee0110 June 17, 2021
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A person who cannot mantain or hold a job. One who is out of work. One who cannot hold a job. One who is lazy. Probably will never get anywhere in life because they fill their days with trivial nonsense. Can't accomplish the basics.
Vitale is a jobless loser.
by Sargeant King March 10, 2008
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a fat lazy good for nothing man who has no job either due to a mental disability , pyschosis or just pure laziness. Someone who's a fat good for nothing waste of biomass that critisizes everyone whos ever done anything with their lives.

Best if ignored.
That fat ass vitale is a real jobless bum.

He critisizes people who have good jobs and make money while he sits on his fat welfare collecting ass all day long stalking and harrassing people.
by bols2 November 2, 2008
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Some who doesn't give a damn about what to do
Lazy, has nothing important in life to do
Dude: What do want from me?!
Dude 2: Nothing
Dude:then leave me alone!
Dude 2: No
Dude : Your jobless that's why.
by Slimee0110 June 17, 2021
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A very good reason to die - And very nice excuse to abuse ur gf pockects
Inspector: He was jobless. He killed himself cause he was broke, his wallet is grimey and old.
by 666-667 January 4, 2008
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