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The Food was gross (as a vegetarian, they once served me a RAW POTATO for dinner!!) ...But it was FREE!

The dorms were old and falling apart (The furnace would decide to stop working in the middle of winter and blow out FREEZING cold air, it would take a minimum of 3 days to get maintenance in to fix it) ...But it was a FREE bed to sleep in!

The roommates were immature, loud, and freakin INSANE! (I watched this one girl make out with her stuffed animal dog for an hour before crying herself to sleep) ...But it taught you INTERPERSONAL SKILLS!

The leaders in dorm were full of themselves, gave bad advice, and some even stole things from others. (My room leader once during chores got into my dresser and stole $35 dollars out of my I.D. Pouch) ...But they taught you how NOT to be a leader!

The staff liked to patronize the students. Most were write-up happy. (We sometimes got write ups for walking in the grass) ...But the ones that really cared about the students would have done ANYTHING to help us out!


Job corps really sucked, but if you go in with the right head about things and follow the rules (no matter how pathetic they are) you'll survive just fine! Job corps was good for me, and good for a ton of other people too!

...oh! Did I mention that they PAY YOU TO RECEIVE A FREE EDUCATION?!?! That's right, YOU GET MONEY FOR IT!!!
I spent 366 days at Job Corps and Graduated from the program as a CERTIFIED PHARMACY TECHNICIAN and CERTIFIED PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN (and over $900 in my back pocket!)

Job Corps, although tough, is a good place to get straight!
by 1-2-3;4-3-2 July 03, 2011

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