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Job Corps is in laymans terms, a literal hell on earth. Imagine doing the same thing every day for months on end with no hope for salvation or redemption. You slowly count the days go by and after months of being there you do nothing that stands out in any unique way or form. It fills you with a burning desire to contract a massive amount of STD's and let thm slowly eat your dick away to take away the pain. Imagine waking up and all day being treted like a pre-schooler with down syndrome who has to be taught how to wipe your ass and how to go to bed. You clean for endless hours all day and do work that a chimpanzee wih broken fingers could manage, but there is so much of it you couldn't get through it all with a team of Harvar graduates. It smeels like ass and depression everywhere you go and all you can do to disguise it is to play out brutal and vivid suicide scenes of your own death in your head. They repremand you for being an individual and daily mind-fucks are administered by law. Not to mention the people who go there. Tke the biggest group of fuck ups, tweakers, ass-holes, and make them all sexually frustrated and you have the workings of a Job Corps facility. Going there is the eqivalent of taking a ballpeen hammer to all the jonts in yur body repeatedly, for months on end. Its symptoms are chronic masturbation, depression, alcoholism, frustration, and death. If you know a person who is going to go to Job Corps just hit them with a 2x4 for a few hours before they leave to get them attuned to the life they are about to suffer. If you are planning to go to Job Corps just kill yourself now and postpone your eternal suffering
Guy 1- Hey did you hear, John is going to Job Corps?
Guy 2- Wow we better go get a 2x4 so we can help him out!
by JConvery June 10, 2009
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The Bravo-A is a variation of the sex move "The Eiffel Tower" but is also a form of bro love/rape and is completely non-sexual. It is purely for the LOLZ and should not be taken offensively if offered to or performed on/with.

The Bravo-A consists of two men and one woman. The woman takes the doggy-style position and one man proceeds to have sex with her from the back and the other accepts, gratiously, some head from her as well. At some point in time during this, THE TWO MEN MUST HIGH FIVE WITH BOTH HANDS, partly to eliminate any tension, but mostly because you must make the shape of an A. This is why it is called the Bravo-A, half because of the bro part of it and the other half because of the shape that is made. If you managa to pull off a Bravo-A, you instantly earn some huge points on your man card and if you didn't have it, you instantly get it returned to you with a "Good Job Bro" along with it.

There are several variations of the Bravo-A, such as the inverse Bravo-A. This is where instead of two men and one woman, it is one man and two women. The man lies on his back and has sex with one chick then gives the other oral, then the women high five and you have just accomplished the inverse Bravo-A. This version of the Bravo-A is much more legendary than the standard Bravo-A and if this is accomplished you have at, a minimum, ten chances to save yourself from your man card being taken away, just by mentioning the occurence of the event.

If you and some of your friends want to accomplish a Bravo-A there is one rule you must keep in mind. The moment you come to a communal decision to achieve this act, you must go on a shirtless Bravo-A strike. This is where you can the participants may not wear a shirt until the Bravo-A has been completed. Exceptions to this rule are, formal situations, walking outside for more than ten minutes at a time, or if by not wearing a shirt you might make your situation in life substantially worse. If one thinks it is not an appropriate time to wear a shirt, they msut first consult with their other shirtless Bravo-A participants.
The Bravo-A is perhaps the most legendary non-sexual Bro sex move ever invented and must be taken compeltely seriously. Failure to do so will make you look like a pansy and no Bro ever, EVER, wants that.
by JConvery June 30, 2009
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when a bunch of stupid people are in the urban dictionary chat window and decide to mega warn anyboy who talks. Everyone gets muted adn it is pointless but wow do you laugh a lot.
____ has been warned
____ has been warned
____has been warned
by JConvery June 09, 2009
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a person who is so big a dick, they have to be pluralized and contained in a bag.
Bono is a prime example of a cock bag
by jconvery January 22, 2010
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A Creeper is a person who is, in the simplest sense, just plain creepy. You see them scattered around everywhere. People with lazy eyes mumbling about cutting off the head of Ricky Martin (who is actually a werewolf, totally true), or really fat guys with glasses who breathe loudly because they lost their breath eating their third lunch (which is actually pretty exhausting if you weigh as much as a smart car).

-If a person you know is a creeper says or mentions anything positive about another person, that person is probably a creeper as well. Creepers feed off each other.

-If you are ever cornered by a creeper and have to initiate something that is passable as a conversation, be sure to nod a lot, ask open ended questions ( really?, No way?, You gotta be kidding me?), and look for your way out.

-If you see your friend getting "Creeped" on make sure to give them a hand.
Victim - Woah man, that guy in wizard costume with the tophat jsut tried to tell me about his friends' moms' cousin's squirrel farm.

Bystander - Wow sounds like a mega Creeper. How did you make it out of there?

Victim - My friend saw i was getting "creeped" into a coma so he came up yelling that my car was on fire and being stolen, and we ran away.

Bystander - Thank God.
by JConvery May 11, 2010
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