A restaurant chain that you guess it: SERVES FREE FOOD.
You: hey get McDonald’s

Mom: no but I got something!
You: burger king

Mom: no it’s Free Food
You: I want to die rn
by Siri IPhone 8 Plus March 14, 2021
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To pick up a prostitute and have any sexual activity and not paying afterwards.
*Picks up Prostitute*
*Fucks Prostitue*
*Doesnt pay afterwards*
*Free Food*
by The Guy in Tux August 23, 2015
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People that can't help themselves to complimentary food. They are mostly hoarders or fattys.
I had to eat a plain bagel because some Free Food Scavengers cleaned out the cream cheese, butter and jelly.
by German Suplex+1 January 25, 2012
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Da frequent sabotaging of one's attempts to "eat wholesome" or stay on a strict low-cal/carb diet to lose weight and/or otherwise improve his health by purchasing only "basic" and "natural" groceries; said messing-up occurs when either you get jovially invited to "consume mass quantities" by your Coneheads-appetited buddies at a party or backyard barbecue, or you unexpectedly come across some leftover/discarded food that is still safe/edible... hey, for this latter example, you absolutely HAVE to eat it, right? We can't be wasting food, now, can we, especially when there are children starving all over the world; it saves on your grocery-bill, as well. And besides, salvaged food --- by the virtue of your conscientiously not letting it go to waste --- isn't fattening, anyway; only food that either you're served or you actually go and PURCHASE adds on da pounds... everybody knows THAT!
Two classic examples of a free-food fiasco are (1) where Hagar goes out on his porch and finds a huge cornucopia of tasty rich treats labeled, "For Hagar"; he sadly remarks, "This always happens whenever I go on a diet!", and (2) where the irritable and acutely-nicotine-dependent Dr. Becker is trying to give up da cancer-sticks, but then finds several unopened boxes of them in a dumpster behind his workplace.
by QuacksO August 12, 2019
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