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A very talented young man, very attractive and muscular. One of the bravest men you will ever meet and capable of anything due to his confidence. Ladies are usually thrilled when they hear about this man because he is down to earth and friendly but can have one heck of an attitude.
That guy is so awesome ! its almost as if he is a Joaquim !
by Christina1 March 14, 2017
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
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To begin with, Joaquim will never do his homework so never, NEVER ask homework from him. He also has no friends other than a group which is known as the, "BAD KIDS," well they used to. He is friends with all the, "Popular," girls and try's to get in their pants, but fails horribly. He is an anime weaboo trash, that watches Boku No Pico. He loves video games and is fun to play with, very entertaining and is like the class clown. Although he is all of this he could be a good friends and lighten up the moods of everyone around. Finally he is a sugar daddy to nobody.
Friend: Hey Joaquim did you do the homework?
Joaquim: Umm, we had homework?
by RETURDED BOIII June 02, 2017
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Someone driven by greed, silly dreams about getting millionaire by investing on the stock exchange, lack of passion for any healthy activity in life and well known for sending spam mail 24/7.

Hermendo: Hey Jonas, let's become cops in Des Moine. I don't mind getting shot on the head as long as I can make 5 grande a month.

Jonas : you're such a joaquim, Hermez. Mira tu shit vida, usted fucking cabron!
by Jamie Taylor Wayne November 15, 2007
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