3 definitions by RETURDED BOIII

The most annoying motherfucker you will ever meet. If you date her, use force so that she doesn't fucking cheat on you with 900000 other guys. Whatever you do, DONT FUCKING GIVE HER YOUR NUMBER. All she will do is talk to you about other guys, and cheat on you with all of them. And yeah, she is not afraid to show she's cheating on you. To end this shitty name off, Madison will never stop texting you. Even when she's, "MAD", she will continue talking about other goys who are sexier than you are.
You: "Roses are red, Violets are blu, Why did you leave me Madison"
by RETURDED BOIII May 30, 2017
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anus - butt

arse - butt

arsehole - butt

ass - butt

ass-hat - idiot

ass-jabber - homosexual

ass-pirate - homosexual

assbag - idiot

assbandit - homosexual

assbanger - homosexual

assbite - idiot

assclown - butt

asscock - idiot

asscracker - butt

asses - butts

assface - butt

assfuck - rear-loving

assfucker - homosexual

assgoblin - homosexual

asshat - butt

asshead - idiot

asshole - jerk

asshopper - homosexual

assjacker - homosexual

asslick - idiot

asslicker - Buttlicker

assmonkey - idiot

assmunch - idiot

assmuncher - butt

assnigger - Racial Slur

asspirate - homosexual

assshit - idiot

assshole - butt

asssucker - idiot

asswad - butt

asswipe - butt

axwound - female genitalia
by RETURDED BOIII June 02, 2017
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To begin with, Joaquim will never do his homework so never, NEVER ask homework from him. He also has no friends other than a group which is known as the, "BAD KIDS," well they used to. He is friends with all the, "Popular," girls and try's to get in their pants, but fails horribly. He is an anime weaboo trash, that watches Boku No Pico. He loves video games and is fun to play with, very entertaining and is like the class clown. Although he is all of this he could be a good friends and lighten up the moods of everyone around. Finally he is a sugar daddy to nobody.
Friend: Hey Joaquim did you do the homework?
Joaquim: Umm, we had homework?
by RETURDED BOIII June 02, 2017
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