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Also known as 'Jitch Bastard', and for the cool kids 'Jitchy B'.

A drink made up of:
1 shot of vodka
2 shots of Jagermeister
Quarter pint of Cola
Quarter pint of Red bull (or cheap aletrnative)

A cunt of a drink.. produced by cunts. yay
Joe: "Hi Dave, I'm not drunk enough ="
Dave: "oh, try this Jitch, it's quite nice.."
Joe: (without a second thought) *Sips*

***several minutes later***

Dave: "Hi Joeeeee"
Joe: "hobfuihawdha, I LVOE YUO :D:D:D:D"

***Several More minutes later and the Jitch has started to taste alot like good***

Dave: "Joe are you dead"
Joe: "Yes"

***fun was had by all***

***Several Days Later***

Dave: "how lnog weer yuo drnuk forrr?"
Joe: "dawhdwuighafu"

thanks for reading. sadly joe and dave are still continuing to drink jitch. the end. yay.
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jewish bitch. Jewish meaning stingy or just big-nosed. Bitch meaning "someone's bitch" or someone who's in a bad mood.
Dude, you owe me for that money you borrowed, you fucking jitch!
by JZ-UNIT October 26, 2004
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