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by bigmood72 July 3, 2018
An e-sports icon of sorts giving way to such creations as SourceRadio and The Movie Vault, considered by many to be the god father of e-sports machinima.
by maskedflasher April 10, 2011
1) verb - To unintentionally curse someone or something by talking out loud about bad things that could potentially happen in the near future.
(Similar to the Knock on Wood superstition)

2) noun, exclamation - A game where two people try to be the first to shout "Jinx!" immediately after both people accidentally say the same word at the exact same time in a conversation. The person who says "jinx" first wins, and the loser is either branded unlucky until they win another round in the future, or in some cases, is expected to buy the winner a can or bottle of Coca-Cola.
1) Pete: "That engine does not sound right. I hope it doesn't blow up on you while you're driving."
Doug: "Come on, don't jinx it!"

2) Alice: "What's the word for it? Indo...indie..."
Both at once "Indigenous!"
Mary: "Jinx! Buy me a coke!"
Alice: "Damn it. Who even came up with the coke rule anyway?"
by Big McHugeLarge March 2, 2017
A superstitious term meaning to give something bad luck or misfourtune
He hadnt got a bad grade all year, but by mentioning that to his friend he jinxed it.
by Crackie The Killa May 5, 2004
when two people coincidentally say the same phrase together at the same time, the first one to then say "jinx" puts bad luck on the other.
Tina and Heather both say "I'm going to the movies" simultaneously.

Heather one-ups Tina by saying declaring "jinx"!
by Mike May 4, 2004
This occurs when two or more people say a word or phrase simultaneously. It is usually followed up with a childish taunt by the onlooker.
Person: "I can't remember if eggplant is a member of the thistle family."

(two or more people): "It is."

Person (or another uninvolved): "Jinx! You can't talk 'til somebody says your naaame!"
by Waggishness March 10, 2008
When used as a name:
1)A person who usualy has bad luck.
2) One (usually female) that commonly rebels. May be a trouble maker.

3) A mocking name to call one that usually has bad luck, is clumzy, or all out has a bad time.

When used as a noun:
1) a curse or omen that leads to bad luck.

As a verb:
1) to wish upon bad luck on another.
1) "I feel sorry for Rose... She's a bit of a Jinx ..."
2) I met up with jinx at school today... She jumped on the teachers desk and called her a muggle...
3) I'm often called jinx due to how often I trip... Most of the time on absolutely nothing or random, yet distant objects.

I felt as if a jinx was put on me.
Person 1 and 2: Sup.
Person 3: jinx on the both of you. Soda. Pay up.
Person one and two: darn.

And several more.
by TsukiandJinx195 May 20, 2016