1) verb - To unintentionally curse someone or something by talking out loud about bad things that could potentially happen in the near future.
(Similar to the Knock on Wood superstition)

2) noun, exclamation - A game where two people try to be the first to shout "Jinx!" immediately after both people accidentally say the same word at the exact same time in a conversation. The person who says "jinx" first wins, and the loser is either branded unlucky until they win another round in the future, or in some cases, is expected to buy the winner a can or bottle of Coca-Cola.
1) Pete: "That engine does not sound right. I hope it doesn't blow up on you while you're driving."
Doug: "Come on, don't jinx it!"

2) Alice: "What's the word for it? Indo...indie..."
Both at once "Indigenous!"
Mary: "Jinx! Buy me a coke!"
Alice: "Damn it. Who even came up with the coke rule anyway?"
by Big McHugeLarge March 01, 2017
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Jinx is a term used by the weak minded who create a self fulfilling prophecy for their own downfall.
Person A: "I can't tell you my plans I don't want to jinx it."

Person B: "All that means is that you have no real faith in your plans and are going to fail."
by Truth_Master September 26, 2013
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Jinx is a very nice person who cares about everyone and everything about them. Known to give you hugs and become your wife, jinx makes everyone welcome and feels right at home.
Jinx is one of my favourite people. We all love her to death
by Ultimate luck February 10, 2018
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When someone pre-maturely celebrates a win, and then the team loses.
Tyler, you doofus, thanks for snapchatting about the USA women's hockey team winning gold. YOU JINXED IT!!
by Tylers a Jinx February 20, 2014
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Jinx, usually a nickname given to a person who is clumsy, ambitious, musical and above all, one of the boys. Jinx' are extremely intellectual people with high IQ and looks to die for. They draw attention from all around and GOD are they sex on legs.
"I tripped over today in Math today! I'm so clumsy! Bobby saw it."
"Don't worry Jinx, you're too sexy for him not to want you, you clumsy tiger."
by Fluffy Bunny Eats Carrots September 18, 2009
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Used to counter an unfavourable remark, must always be followed with analysis of previous remark.
"Oi Roy, your a cock!"
"Jinx!! I couldn't possible be a cock, if I was I wouldn't be able to do this" *action is made that a cock could not perform*
by Eliot Bradshaw January 07, 2004
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1. Hex; curse.

2. Savannah nightclub favored by scenesters, metal kids, and b-boys. Notable site of weekly scenester orgies.

3. The combined effect of the preceding.
1. I jinxed myself by taking weed in the car.

2. I can't go to the Jinx on Thursdays without losing my mind.

by FoxBat January 25, 2008
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