The national flower of Scotland, just like her namesake she is smart, passionate, weird and quirky.
A loving friend that will stick by you in your toughest moments, she will comfort you and stick by you. She has lots of friends and inside jokes that are only funny between the two of them.
She has big goals and is extremely driven in her goals, and better stick by a Thistle, because they will end up very successful.
She has a new crush, what seems like every week, and finds it hard to get over the boys (or girls??) who rejected her, but it's only because with such strong feelings no one can match, she sometimes feels too smart for the people around her, but as a result is extremely sarcastic and funny.

She is the best, best friend. One who one should keep in touch with, because she might end up living your dream life without you otherwise.
Person #1: "Yo, remember Thistle?"

Person #2: "yeah what about her..."

Person #1: "Well turns out she got hot and became a millionaire, what a classic Thistle."
by quirky_lasagna November 16, 2018
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The great Glasgow alternative to the sectarian rubbish spouted by the old firm.A club studiously avoiding success in order to be the true home of football in our city.Shafted when they introduced ground size rules for the SPL and rescinded the rule to allow other clubs access.
Where can I take my kids to see football in Glasgow without being abused?...Partick Thistle.
by Mon the Harry Wraggs December 19, 2011
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An insult thrown at a guy who's worse than a dick or a prick. He's bigger than any dickhead alive!
"Rob is such a cock thistle"
by BibleHumper March 31, 2015
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An unsightly thatch of bright red hair growing on the tip of a red-headed man's pink and white speckled penis.
Jenny: "So Michelle, how was he in bed?"
Michelle: "OMG it was so gross, when he pulled down his pants I saw nothing but carrot thistle."
Jenny: "That's disgusting, I think I just threw up."
by JBeezy801 August 1, 2010
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A Jaggy Thistle is a plant that flowers purple on top and is famous for growing in Scotland, as well as a lot of countries all over the world

It's also commonly known as what a true Scotsman has under his kilt
Lassie A: A wunner whit Davie's got oan under his Kilt?
Lassie B: If you ask him he might show you his jaggy thistle
Davie: Haw Darlin', you'll be wantin' tae have a swatchy at ma Scots Bunnet?
by Big Scots Davie February 14, 2017
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