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1. The whitest kids on earth with an inexplicable and poorly informed fixation on hood culture for the sake of irony. Sometimes found living in depressed urban areas, but have yet to acquire the balls to meet their neighbors. Can be seen listening to Wu-Tang Clan in their hybrid cars with the windows rolled up and the doors locked.

2. Gentrification wearing barettes.
1. The scene kids like talking about putting spinners on their Prius.

2. Gold teeth are so scene.
by FoxBat January 11, 2008
Upper middle class white kids who aspire to be white trash but retain their bank accounts. Display a penchant for collecting thrift store merchandise, causing accidental pregnancies, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, and otherwise behaving as if their parents were on welfare. Much like scene kids, often live in neighborhoods that they are afraid of to prove a point.

It is unclear whether this relates to the scenester love of irony, or a simple desire to piss off parents.
I'm fucking sick of that scene gypsy's kid throwing PBR cans in my yard.
by FoxBat January 11, 2008
1. Savannah College of Art and Design. The group everyone in Savannah including SCAD students love to hate.

1. Scenester Cunts and Douches. The distinct mass of hipster fashionista brats who overtake the Jinx on Thursday nights in American Apparel shirts and neon running shorts from Goodwill. Think this is okay because they pay a lot of money yearly to learn about art.
1. "I'm glad the SCAD kids are out of town for break."
"But you go to SCAD."
"Oh shit."

2. Those fucking SCADs buy PBR's all night, drink half, and then leave them for the bouncers to clean up.
by FoxBat January 26, 2008
1. Hex; curse.

2. Savannah nightclub favored by scenesters, metal kids, and b-boys. Notable site of weekly scenester orgies.

3. The combined effect of the preceding.
1. I jinxed myself by taking weed in the car.

2. I can't go to the Jinx on Thursdays without losing my mind.

by FoxBat January 26, 2008
Savannah neighborhood separated from Ardsley Park by Bull Street. Bounded in the west by Montgomery, north by Victory, south by W 54th Street.

The proverbial "other side of the tracks" inhabited mainly by renters and students.
W 50th St isn't as expensive as E 50th because it's in Bingville.
by FoxBat January 26, 2008
An institution that has ceased to give a flying fuck about you post-graduation but keeps in touch in case you do something they can publicize or make money they can ask for.
My alma mater sent a donation envelope to my shack in the hood.
by FoxBat March 27, 2008
1. Savannah party house located in Bingville.

2. Defunct Atlanta nightclub.
1. Let's get some beer from South Carolina and hit up the Compound.

2. Let's get some Hennessey and hit up the Compound.
by FoxBat January 26, 2008