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Someone who is extremely and overly patriotic. Differs from regular patriotism in that jingoism is usually more aggressive. Used as a negative term.
George Bush, Lamar Smith, and damn near everyone on Fox News are all jingoes.
by Zeego November 16, 2012
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one who has extreme passion for one's country.
whooo, that boy sure is a jingo for japan!!
by kristicreame November 28, 2003
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Amazingly tasty, zesty, scrumptious, addictive crackers by pepperidge farms that are flavored with lime and chili. Tastes kind Asian-y, and sounds like a racial slur, but surprisingly it's not.
"Have you seen the new Jingos at the store?!"
-"WHAT?! You're racist?"
"Racist? I love Asian flavors!"
-"oOo, you mean Jingos! crackers! Yeah, they are delicious!"
"Let's go gets some!"
by prettya July 14, 2012
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(brandname) used generically to mean guys huge pants
"yo drew, hike up your jingos, i can see yo fat ass"
by lauren August 30, 2003
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Jingo is a term widely used, across the world. The word jingo can be used in many different contexts, but is usually used to call someone a name, as an insult or a compliment. This term originated in the year 2009, and will become a very popular term for the coming years.
"Stop it you jingo" (Used as a negative term)
"Your such a jingo ;)" (Used as a positive term)
by Being-Of-The-Universe March 22, 2009
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Contrary to earlier beliefs, jingo is in fact an appellation reserved solely for someone who is a friend. Much as a mexican would say amigo or an american would say buddy, brits have now evolved to say 'jingo' instead of 'mate'.
A: Bella fonti jingo.
B: What's cluckin' jingo?

A: Nout' man, just watching some um bongo.
B: Irie, laters jingo.
by TheCountOfFontiCrispo May 24, 2005
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