Blind patriotism, a my country right or wrong attitude towards other nations and ideologies. Prevelent in certain sections of US and UK society
'jingoism is the bind of real democracy and a grave threat to the peace and stability of the world'
(Peter Boulton - 1997)
by black flag May 30, 2004
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1.) Patriotism towards your country just because it's your country.
2.)It also sounds a lot like a code term for your vagina.
1.) I love America even though everything about it sucks.

2.)That is one hot mess of a jingoism!
by StevenG June 17, 2008
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Darawiish jingoism is an aggressive form of devotion to the SSC-Khatumo state
his darawiish jingoism seemed excessive
by Bobbystrurrew May 16, 2023
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