A title belonging to only one man in this world. A normal homosapien like you, unless you are Kim Seok Jin, will never be able to claim this title. Criteria includes: out-of-this-world confidence; broad shoulders (specifically 60 cm); must make dad jokes (what colour are burgers? Burger-ndy.); possess an angelic voice; a great dancer; Korean; oldest member of Behind The Scene (but is the secret maknae).
Win. Lose. I don't care because I have this face at the end of the day, so who's the real winner here? - Mr Worldwide handsome

You, handsome. But me? More handsome.

I'm worldwide handsome.
by Smolmochi September 10, 2017
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A nickname that BTS' Jin gave to himself. The name is pretty self-explanatory.
by November 17, 2020
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Worldwide handsome is Kim Seokjin from Korean boy group BTS. He has said this before on interviews during the BBMAS and after BTS had won for top social artist.
SJ: I am...worldwide handsome
by Jiminie_mochi1013 June 12, 2017
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A beautiful man who looks better in a dress then you do, also known as the third on from the left
guy1: OMG did you see mr. worldwide handsome he makes me question my sexually

guy2: same dude
by Worldwide ugly May 4, 2018
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The term worldwide handsome is often used when refering to Kim Seokjin (김석진), better known as Jin, from boygroup BTS (방탄소년단).

Him being the only living description of worldwide handsome to date, indicates that this term is exclusively applicable to Kim Seokjin only.
Kim Seokjin is the most beautiful living being in the world, he truly is worldwide handsome.
by Meralvh December 11, 2017
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Hi Did you see that worldwide handsome dude bet he has never got laid he Must be a eugene
by Drougas January 1, 2019
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