a chinese rapper from miami. signed to ruff ryders.won 7 times on freestyle friday on bet
jin will rip you if u try to battle him
by ting tong January 15, 2005
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Jin is a Chinese-American rapper from Miami, Florida. People know him from being on BET's 106&PARK and getting on to Freestyle Friday's hall of fame. He also had a small part as "Jimmy" in the movie "2 Fast 2 Furious".

He released his debut album "Learn Chinese" in October of 2004 which only sold 100,000 units and did not break into the mainstream. On May 18th, 2005, he released a song "I Quit" and announced his end to his rap career as Jin, but under a new alias as "The Emcee".

His second album "The Emcee's Proper?Ganda" came out on stores on October 25th, 2005, and is now in stores near you.
"what's your favorite track on Jin's new album?"
"Jin's new album? i thought that foo died!"
by OCTOBER 29TH 2005 October 29, 2005
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first asian rapper to be signed on a major record label. he`s a sexy ass motha..
"ya`ll gonna cop tha new jin cd? he`s madd sexy!"
by MARCH 23 2OO4 January 02, 2004
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The future of hiphop along side Kanye West. Killed MC's on BET Freestyle Friday and now a Ruff Ryder (no it aint a rumour) ya'll betta learn chinese!

The Rest Is History
Jin Fan No1 - "damn, again they be puttin jins album back, this time sumer 2004 <ANGRY>"

Jin Fan No2 - "Wait till Jins, kanye produced joint drops, it will all be worth it"
by holla_at_ya_boy March 06, 2004
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the no.1 asian rapper ever!

the definition of a talented,sexy,fly,fine man
hes ASIAN not azn!!

i was doin it on the couch with jin aka jin the mc!
by LadieFlie December 19, 2003
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Asian hip-hop artist. Signed to Ruff Riders. His album flopped because he wouldn't suck corporate cock so he couldn't go mainstream.
Jin doesn't give a shit, he aint sucking corporate cock
by hiphophealing May 26, 2008
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