A surprisingly iPod-worthy mainstream rock/punk/pop band with some nice beats. Their first hit, "The Middle", never gets old.
Regis Philbin made fun of Jimmy Eat World, and said they sucked, but who cares? He's REGIS!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel June 04, 2005
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Jimmy Eat World are one of the best Rock/Alternative bands there are. Although they are not _Emo_ like simple plan some of their music is thought to be of this genre. J.E.W's signature song has since become 'Pain' part of their album 'Futures'.
the name was given to the band by the son of one of the members:of Jimmy slicing up and eating the world like a cake.
I if you are into Rock and do not know of this band i suggest you start listening to some of their material:-)
Clarity, Futures, Bleed American and Stay on my side tonight
|great amblums by this band you gotta get your hands on by Jimmy Eat World...Also known as JEW

if you like rock/Hard rock get into A Perfect Circle
by Chessie_Kat September 21, 2005
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Jimmy eat world is a band who rocks! They got their name when Jimmy's (the lead singer) younger brother drew a picture of Jimmy eating the world titled "Jimmy eat world".
by Rock Obsessed June 04, 2005
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An absolutely amazing band from Mesa, Arizona who broke into the mainstream scene of music in 2001 by releasing their album "Bleed American", which is probably the best, as well as the first true blend of Pop Punk and Emo, with some elements of Power Pop as well. "Bleed American" was followed by "Futures" in 2004 which was darker and almost better than it's predecessor. Before all of that they released "Clarity" in 1999 which was at first a commercial failure, but, has since gained cult status and is credited as a major influence on the Emo subgenre of music, being considered as the best Emo album ever by some critics. So basically, they're incredible.
Stop reading and go listen to Jimmy Eat World
by PostRock/PostHardcore January 07, 2017
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a myth about a young man named jimmy who one day became so famished that he ate the world....there is a half decent band who named themselves after this legendary myth.
"(jimmy) shit im hungry, i think i'll eat the world"
by guitarded March 18, 2005
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