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an amazing band from Mesa, Arizona, who despite coming into the public's eye with their hit The Middle, had already made to awesome records beforehand. Still, the LP that featured The Middle, Bleed American (self-titled after 9/11) is probably their best work. Their newest album, which came out in October of 2004, was also amazing, and the song Pain got heavy radio play. They're often called 'emo' but they hate that word.
jimmy eat world's initials just happen to be 'JEW'
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown August 18, 2005

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myspace groups frequented by 14-17 year old scenesters (mostly girls) who have thousands of friends and lead a very large part of their lives on the internet. the point of these trains is to get a shitload of friend requests, although they seldom actually interact with most of the people they meet on myspace in real life. one must apply for the train by adding the owner, having a large amount of friends ("must have at least 2K"), and look extremely scene. once accepted, members must post the train in a bulletin a set number of times a week. the bulletin displays small pictures of all the train's members with the owner on top. members are often divided by how many friends they have, with "riders" often being a low rank. to devote one's time to this essentially means you're spending too much of your time on myspace.
omgz srsly no n00bs on the whore train, kthxbye?
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown June 02, 2007

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an amazing indie/emo band that recently broke up (tear) after 10 glorious years. they began on Doghouse Records, and were then signed to Vagrant, where they released 4 studio albums and a live album. their sick keyboardist, James Dewees (from Reggie And The Full Effect) was the band's highlight. unfortunately, they never really got the praise they deserved....
songs to check out:
Mass Pike
Ten Minutes
The One You Want
Red Letter Day
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown August 18, 2005

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a generic pop-punk band that hit with the song Memory.
Sugarcult is a decent band.
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown August 18, 2005

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a very overhyped band from Long Island. sure they're a decent band, but nowhere near what they're made out to be. their live shows are very overrated as well...after watchin adam lazarra spin that goddamn mic for an hour, you feel like shoving it up his ass. oh and just about every 13-year old girl in America is obsessed with them just because their friends are.
TBS is an okay band...nothing more, nothing less.
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown August 18, 2005

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