emo rock is a valid (and growing) musical genre that focuses on personal feelings and rarely (if ever) deals with \'getting laid\'.
by elorson September 28, 2003
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type of rock that people who can't get laid listen 2 and cry about it.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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scene city emo rock= unity.
a group of girls from the 'scene' 'city' 'emo' and 'rock' stereotypes...when they come together...they are the awesome 4some!
You cannot get a better group of people
hot guy: 'man they are so scene, city, emo, rock i love it'
other girl: 'am i like them?'

girl: can i be scene, city, emo, rock too?
hot guy: nup you're too peasant

scene, city, emo, rock kids: if you're into good times, you too can be scene city emo rock oneday. maybe.

random group of people: why is that emo hanging with a scene kid?
girl: oh coz they're scene city emo rock kids
by scer March 08, 2008
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Shitty fucking Emo music that retards like to butt fuck to, while using their own fake tears and face paint as lube. These dramatic douche bags are not really mad at the world just mad at them selves for being born a fucking douche bag.
Emo butt rock sucks. Fuck Atreyu!!! Atreyu can gag on my fury nut sack. I will shit on Dan Jacobs face!! Go back to O.C. and quietly wait for it to fall in the ocean you fuck!!
by Dan Jacobs of Atreyu November 05, 2007
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hmm.. emo butt rock
emo music that sounds like straight ass

like it literally sounds like they pulled it out of their ass.
these bands are emo butt rock aiden(the new adien), sherwood, chris daughtery(in a weird kinda way)
by autumnleigh[: December 14, 2007
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softly-sung vocals, very little screaming or harshness. A very "pretty" sound. was once said by christie front drive that "this is what emo kids listen to when they make love".
post-emo indie rock post emo indie rock
christie front drive, boy's life, the promise ring, evergreen, sunny day real estate, elliot, mineral, get up kids are all post-emo indie rock bands.
by Brittany September 06, 2003
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(1) Intellectual music for retards; Emotional stimulation for the adolescent or pre-teen through music. (2) Music fashion trend post-dating that of the 1990's.
I wear my emotions on my sleeve therefore I am cool.
by Red Rick November 07, 2003
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