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One who is in range as soon as he steps off the bus.
We tried to extend our defense, but he went Jimmer on us
by Timmy the G January 11, 2011
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(Verb) To succeed at something in an exceptional manner. Named after BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette. Can also be used in the past tense form of "Jimmered" or "Jimmeresque" or "Jimmer show".
You Jimmered that test today!
by mjergy January 11, 2011
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In basketball when someone makes a 30-40 foot 3 point jump shot.

A basketball shot way beyond the three point line.
.... if it wasnt for Tim making that jimmer to tie the game....

....holly crap he made that shot from jimmerland....
by coverit January 26, 2011
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"Do you go by James or Jim?" ... "Jimmer, actually."
by Pete Del Rio May 30, 2005
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A joint (of Majiuana), typically larger then the usual everyday joint.

- Originated in the streets of Hinsdale, IL.
Hey man, want to roll a jimmer?

Hey man, did you guys really finish that whole jimmer?

Want to get jimmered?
by Nasty6969 April 28, 2013
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A robot that is programmed to never miss a free throw. Many mistake him for a pasty white kid who is really good at scoring 3 pointers, but in reality he is nothing more than a Cyborg.
Dave: "Did you see the game last night? Jimmer scored 43 points alone!"
Jake: "Yeah, Jimmer is good. Too bad NCAA rules state that all players have to be human."
by IWFP January 27, 2011
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To own in all aspects of the word
Kristen successfully shoots her wadded up paper into the waste receptacle and exclaims, "I just Jimmered that trash can!"
by luvathetwix January 28, 2011
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