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(n.) A delectable apple and peanut crisp dessert.
(v.) The act of giving oral sex (blow job)
(n.) "This apple knobby is so delicious mom!"
(v.) Craig - "How was your winter break Eric?"

Eric - "It was great! I got some apple knobby!"

Craig - "You know what they say Eric, 'Tis the season to get apple knobby."
by Crotcheola December 07, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl/guy when s/he has passed out from too much consumption of alcohol.
Are you going to dead goat that girl or am I going to have to do it?
by Crotcheola November 02, 2010
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When a female ejaculates her vaginal fluid into the male's cornea causing a disturbance to the males eye, resulting in itching, swelling, and blurred vision.
Liam has your cunty eye cleared up yet or does your left eye still hurt?
by Crotcheola January 30, 2011
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The act of receiving phenomenal head from a guy or girl so that it feels like a light spring breeze enveloping your genitalia. Like a feathery touching sensation of the scrotum. A higher level of apple knobby.
Liam: "Eric tonight was so good. I had a three some at this crazy house party and then this girl blew me. It was like she was air brushin' my dick."
by Crotcheola April 28, 2011
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(n) an explosion of liquid fecal matter such that a brown cloud obstructs your view into the thrown of shit. So dark that nothing can be seen.

(n) A hazy uncertain future
John just took a mysty shit in the lobby toilet, it smells so bad, and I can hardly breathe.

Demarcus keeps getting arrested for drinking and driving. He is in some mysty shit.
by Crotcheola March 07, 2011
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(n) receiving bad oral stimulation

(n) a defective condom; one that breaks during the climax of intercourse.
"I heard Sean got blown last night." - Chris
"Ya, but Cassie only gives jimmers." - Joe

After a night of rough sex some plan b was purchased because of a jimmer.
by Crotcheola March 07, 2011
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