Itz Comes frum the N.O./ Baton Rouge which means Poppin Pills ((X)), Goin Hard,Or Rollin Dancin is involved wid the word to
by 2krazy March 12, 2006
Wow look at prince jiggin
I wish I knew how to jig
by Silver slippers August 10, 2017
the act of rollin on ecstasy.
you take a jig and roll all night.
Damn, we took those orange naked ladies and were jiggin all night.
by J.L. McCool December 8, 2008
Pronounced (Jig-gin) The Original slang or terminology was founded in central Texas. San Marcos Texas Is Known For the Use of this Word As a Example of A Certain Feeling One Gets while Under the infuence of Narcotics. Used Widely By the Group The GoldBlooded Movement!.
by WopVille42 May 22, 2019
A term used to describe being on X
by x0---taBie March 31, 2006