-The moves you throw down when you walk into a spider web.
Friend: What the heck were you just doing?
You: Just a little web jiggin'.
by Loogis August 03, 2012
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Most often seen with younger women wearing low rider jeans, showing some whale tail. An overpronounced sway of the hips from side to side, combined with a jiggling of the buttocks. Comparable to the fishing method of Jigging, due to the way in which the hips and buttocks snap into place - rather than gently sway.
See the way that bitch be walking? She be jiggin' for cock to be sure.
by eddievilman December 12, 2007
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The come up, going hard, never lackin, always stackin, sometimes packin . Always doing your thing and never getting caught.
That dude jay always jiggin, it's like he's jiggindaworld
by jiggindaworld November 07, 2020
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A slang word used often down south in Florida, meaning the act of being fucked up, or “tripping” in some instances etc off some form of drug for example weed. It can also be used in a general statement.
“Damn bruh this weed got ya boy jiggin
“You saw how shawty was actin in the club? She was jiggin fr”

“Wtf wrong with gitt? He jiggin”
by Lil MoeDawg February 26, 2020
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The rapid stimulation of the clitoris that results from musical arousal. This is an involuntary result of listening to music, and involves no physical contact.
Paul Simon played 'Duncan' and I was jiggin'.
by sillylil'hipster December 05, 2011
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To make a mess of things; toying with things with which one has no business.
"I don't need you in there Jiggin' 'N Jaggin' with that printer before IT gets here."
by Chem D January 11, 2012
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