The highest level of respect you can give your friend
You have your friend, you have your best friend, then you have your boi
by TheMafow May 11, 2018
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A more formal and indirect way to refer to yourself, comparable to “yours truly”.
by Takkeboom57 June 7, 2021
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A nonproductive or troublesome employee that you're responsible for hiring.
Brian says, "Hey Ryan how's your boy doing?"
Ryan says, "F#$k that guy! He doesn't do s#$t around here."
Brian responds with "Yeah but remember he's your boy!"
by The Dr. T May 6, 2022
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A reference to someone who obviously is not a close or an admired friend.
What's your boy, Hughes, up to?
by Kawaski April 15, 2006
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n. One who is greatly disliked by all but never told. A complete @#$%ing idiot shitstain. Your basic oblivious dickwad.
Does that guy's liscence plate really say "VERSATYL"... He's YOUR BOY.
by jaybizzle January 8, 2004
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Police officers, five-0, law enforcement
"Better lay low son, your boys riding around on bikes"
by Michael GhostRider November 29, 2007
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