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1. Alpha male

2. Invasively intelligent

3. Devilishly handsome

4. Arm Wrestling world champ

5. Skills with the Ladies
1.) I saw he was talking to Jibreel; the fool didn't realize Jibreel could do a complete psychoanalysis of her based on the way he said hello.

2.) He engaged Jibreel in a duel, but died of fear immediately before combat.
by The Top Secret Guy August 22, 2011
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1) Only the coolest thing since fried kool-aid. Jibby is one of the coolest people I've ever met and he's some kind of fricken genius. I swear, this kid was 15 when I was taking freshman courses with him in college.

2) It's also become a word used around the college campus to express confusion because this mofo gets professors confused.

3) Probably the nicest person on the face of the earth
1) Yo, did you see that Jibreel kid today? He was in my bioinorganic chemistry class this morning

2) What the Jib is going on?

3) I was arguing with Jibreel and he just sat there really calm as I was yelling at him and then he made me dinner. WTF?
by Alaskan Ice Cream Cone August 18, 2011
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